5 Tips and Tricks For WhatsApp on Android And IOS


WhatsApp is the biggest messaging service available today. Millions of people use it all around the world. It has become a part of our day to day life. Even if you use it daily, there are few things that you might not know about it. In this blog, I will tell you some tips and tricks for WhatsApp that will help you use this messaging service better and will undoubtedly increase your productivity. So let’s get started with our list of some best tips and tricks for WhatsApp.

1. Effectively hearing voice messages

If you are in a public place and you don’t want others to listen to a voice note that you have received from someone, then this trick will surely help you in that situation. Using this trick, you can hear the voice note and reduce the chances of it getting heard by others. To effectively reduce the volume of your phone, you can put your ear or your hand next to the proximity sensor located on the top bezel of your phone’s screen.

When you do so, it will activate your handset’s speaker. The audio will start to come from the handset speaker of your device instead of the main speaker.

Handset speaker is usually activated when you are talking on your phone, and the proximity sensor is in use.

If you want to hear a secret or a private message and you don’t want anybody else to listen it, then you can use this trick. It can always come handy in such situations.

2. Sending apps or games through WhatsApp

 You can send apps and games through WhatsApp. There is not a built-in feature in WhatsApp for this particular function, but with a little effort, you can send apps on WhatsApp. To send apps and games on WhatsApp follow the given steps that are as following —

Step 1 – Choose the App or game that you want to send. Download the APK of the following app from the Internet.

Step 2 – Download ES File Explorer or any other file manager on both the devices. (Device that is sending and one on the device that is receiving the APK)

Step 3 – Go to the File Manager that you installed. Then find the APK of the App/Game that you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 4 – Change the name of the file from .apk to .pdf or .txt so that you can send the file through WhatsApp.

Step 5 – Go to WhatsApp and open the contact to which you want to send the APK. Send the app as a document.

When the other person receives your message, ask him/her to download the file and then ask the person to change the name from .txt or .pdf to .apk by going to the file manager and changing the name. Then that person can download the app normally, and it will work perfectly fine.

3. Using star message

Everyone once in a while comes across a text/message in WhatsApp that they want to save as a reminder or as a memory while they are chatting with others. Whatsapp gives you an option to star (*) a message. Starring a message, saves or bookmarks messages. To ‘star’ a message, just hold on to the message and click on the star option that appears on top of the window.

After you have starred a message, you can view all of your starred messages by going to the home screen of Whatsapp and then click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen and then click on starred message option.

4.Creating contact shortcuts

Usually, most of the people using WhatsApp have some contacts that they talk to, or they message on a daily basis. You can make a shortcut of such contacts on your home screen. Creating a shortcut is very easy and straightforward. Just open WhatsApp and hold on to the contact for which you want to create a shortcut until a list of options appears on top of the window. Now click on the three dots and then on Add chat shortcut option to create the chat shortcut on the home screen of your device.

Now you can directly access the chat by just clicking on the chat shortcut on your home screen. You can also move around these shortcuts just like you can do with an app.

5.Replying to a specific message

In a group where a lot of people are texting back to back, it is tough to respond to a particular text message. Now Whatsapp has a solution for your problem. In a conversation or a group chat, you can just hold onto a message to which you want to reply until a green bar appears on top of the window with different options. Then click on the first option. The icon looks like the forward option but is precisely the mirror image of it. This trick is great and is one of the best tricks for Whatsapp.

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