What we cannot live without??Phones??


When we asked our elders ‘What they can’t live without?’ We got many answers. Some said necessities whereas some said dignity. Some said honor, and some said love. But we were surprised to hear what the youth had to say. We got answers like computers, phones, Facebook, etc. It was quite surprising.

Society has changed over years but we are not moving up, but we are moving down. We are not developing our mind but our cellphones.

According to a survey conducted by T.I.M.E Magazine of 5000 people from 8 countries, 84% of people said that they cannot spend a single day without their phones. 73% of American phone owners said that they would feel panicked if they lost their phones. Today world is growing at a very rapidly. Today the importance of phones can’t be denied. But we can for sure limit our usage. The Internet has become an addiction and not a facility. 32% of college students said that internet is just as important as food, air, shelter, and water. 49% said that it’s not as essential but its pretty close. High-speed internet is the #1 Technology that the people cannot live without in their lives.

How we are using Social networking sites and our phones.

  • Phones

The invention of phones prompted me to write this blog on the topic of phones. Phones have become an essential part of our life. According to a survey, 40% Americans check their phones on toilets and as many as 30% Americans check their phones while having a meal with other people.

  • Social networking sites

Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc. are used widely since their inception. Most of us wake up and open social networking sites and then do our daily chores. We hardly care to bother what is happening around. We have more friends on facebook then we have in our real life, and yet we cannot live without these less useful websites. They may help us in some way or other, but they are not worth spending hours and hours on. I would like to bring another survey into your notice according to which 46% of internet-using adults post videos and photos that they have created online.

This brings me to the conclusion of this blog. We need cellphones but we are not slaves. We are the creators of the world’s most successful invention. There is a need to bring a change in ourselves and control our usage of cellphones. We need to know the difference between need and addiction. Let us together bring this change.

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