What is DTH and DBS and how do they work??


We all are familiar with the big screens that have been provided in today’s market. After a long tiring day, we all prefer to chill. Here comes the role of DTH’s and DBS’s. But have you ever wondered how our ‘DTH’ System works? In today’s blog, we are going tell you about what is DTH & DBS and how they work and their advantages.

What is DTH? (Direct to Home)

DTH, i.e., Direct To Home refers to the process of satellite television broadcasting which is mainly targeted for homes. This technology is referred as Direct Broadcast Sattelite (DBS). This technology is introduced primarily to compete with the local TV distribution services. It provides higher quality satellite signals as well as more channels when compared to any local TV distribution service.

Directly, the DTH refers to the reception of signals on television with a personal dish. Geostationary satellites are used for this sole purpose. The signals are compressed by these satellites and afterward, they are encrypted. Afterwards, they are beamed from high powered geostationary satellites. Afterwards, these signals are received by the dishes that are provided in homes by a receiver. Though DBS and DTH provide the same basic services, there is some difference between them from a technical point of view. While DBS is used to transmit signals from a satellite at a fixed frequency band, DTH is used for broadcasting signals over a wide range of bands.

The satellites that are used to transmit DTH signals are not a part of any international planned frequency band. While the DBS has changed its plans over a past few years to conduct it’s services to newer countries, DTH hasn’t changed much.It is solely used for commercial purposes and also is more famous for its analog and digital services.


For a DTH network to work properly, i.e., to transmit and receive signals, it needs the following components:-

  • Broadcasting Centre
  • Satellites
  • Encoders
  • Multiplexers
  • Modulators
  • DTH receivers

The DTH providers pay the programme channels like HBO, SONY, etc. This is done to provide these channels their DTH Frequency. The DTH providers here work like the mediators or the brokers between the consumers and programme channels. The central role is played by the broadcast station. The broadcast station receives signals and then transfers it to their given or owned satellite.

The broadcast station receives signals from different programme channels. The satellite receives the signals and converts it into suitable-transferable frequencies. All the customers are provided with Set-Top boxes (STB) along with dish receivers. The satellite then transfers these signals to the dish receivers. The dish receivers then transmit it to the set-top box thus converting it into visual transmitted signals on the television.


  • DTH provides you versatility. There are now DTH setups that can even broadcast games at the real time. This adds up a plus point.
  •  Almost 4000 channels can be viewed along with 2000 radio channels through DTH.
  • It provides you with high-quality content, i.e., high-quality video and audio. It is also cost-effective.

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