How do Solar Panels work and Generate Electricity??


For years now, solar panels are being widely acclaimed as the energy generator of the coming decades. Use of solar panels is on a rise even though a few major countries deny the existence of global warming. So in this blog let me tell you about solar panels.

What are solar panels?

Solar cells make up a Solar Panel. In simple words, solar panels or solar cells to be precise convert solar energy into electrical energy that can power anything that uses electricity. Today solar panels cover the rooftops of homes and offices, spacecraft and much more. Reduction in the prices of solar panels and continuous effort from people around the world have changed the way we power our homes. We appreciate the efforts of those who want to make a difference. But, How do Solar Panels work?? If you want to know about it, then keep reading.

How do solar panels work??

Most common solar cells (Solar cells make up a solar panel) are made up of silicon which is a semiconductor and one of the most abundant resources available on Earth. In a solar cell, silicon and crystal are sandwiched between two conductive layers. The solar cell silicon has two types of layer— N-Type layer and a P-Type layer. (Here “N” stands for negative and “P” stands for positive) The N-type layer has more electrons while P-type layer has more space called panels 

Imagine, sunlight being a flow of small particles. These particles are photons. When a Photon strikes a silicon cell with enough power, it knocks off an electron from its bond leaving a hole in the N-Type layer and in search of a hole, this negatively charged electron moves to its respective conductive layer (As I told you that they are both sandwiched between two conductive layers). Then this mobile electron is collected by thin fingers at the end of the solar cell. After that, this electron passes through an external circuit where it fulfills our electrical requirements like powering our homes and offices. After powering, this electron then returns from the conductive aluminum sheet at the back and occupies the space or hole in the P-type layer. This prevents the wearing out of the solar panels. Hence, this property of solar cells allows them to sustain for many decades.How do solar panels work

By now, you must be wondering if we have this technology, then why don’t we use solar energy to power our whole planet. This is because of many political factors and some logical systems. One of them being, that the sunlight is not evenly distributed throughout our planet Earth. Secondly, the solar panels that we are using are not as efficient as they should be. Lastly, most commercially available solar panels only capture 20-25% of the energy that falls on them.

Thanks for reading our blog. I hope you now know How do solar panels work? If you have any queries, please comment down below. We will be grateful to help and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for latest updates.



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