What are Sensors and their Uses??


If you are reading this blog on your laptop, tablet or your phone, the chances are that your device is making use of many sensors. Our gadgets are a bulk load of sensors and mostly nothing else. From cars to CCTV cameras, we are surrounded by sensors. So in this blog, I will tell you about ‘What are Sensors??’

What are sensors??

Sensors are electronic devices that respond to some physical input. If simply put, a sensor helps sense physical quantities. These physical quantities may be temperature, heat, motion, light, moisture, pressure, or any other quantity present in the physical environment.

These sensors then convert the input into electrical signals. These electrical signals are then converted into human-readable data. This data then can then be analyzed.

A typical example of a sensor that everyone can relate to is a mercury thermometer. This thermometer makes use of mercury. This mercury expands and contracts according to the temperature. If the temperature is high, then the mercury will expand and rise. If there is a drop in the heat, then the mercury will contract and move down. Thus, it ticks the right box for being a sensor.

Some of the areas where we use sensors are-

1. In Photography.

2. For studying Geological processes. This can include weather forecast, volcanic activities, etc.

3.In our cars for measuring distance and speed.

4. For calibration.

 These are just some uses of sensors. There are hundreds of different sensors out there that are used for various stuff. I cannot cover all of them in this one article.

Most widely used sensors

This is a small list of some of the most commonly used sensors today. So let’s get started with the list.

1. Motion sensors

2. Photosensors

3. Touch sensors

4. Temperature sensor

5. IR sensor

6. Gyroscope

7. Proximity sensor

8. Pressure sensor

9. Level sensor

10. Gas and smoke sensors

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