How to Stop Your Battery from Draining!!


Today phones have become an essential part of our life. Most of us cannot live a second without our phones. Thinking about our phone battery draining scares us. So In this Blog, I will tell you about how you can prevent your phone’s battery from draining and save battery in simple ways. So let’s get started with our list.

1. Turn down the screen brightness

If you are running low on battery, turn down your phone’s brightness. The screen is something that we see all the time. It is one of those components of the phone that drains most of the battery. Most phones are on auto brightness which adjusts the screen brightness according to the light present in your room. If your battery is too low, you can disable auto brightness, and you can Set the brightness of your phone to the lowest setting. Turning the brightness down will help you save your battery long enough until you get a charger.

2.  Save Battery by Enabling the airplane mode

If you do not have any important calls to attend or any emergency, then you can enable the airplane mode that will disable most of the networks. This will help prevent your phone from getting switched off. You can enable the airplane mode from the Quick settings of your device.

Battery draining

3. Turn off your phone vibration and haptic feedback

To increase your battery life, you can turn off your phone’s vibration and haptic feedback that is enabled in most of the phones. Haptic feedback is the vibrations that you experience when you type on the keyboard. Both These vibrations take a real dig on your battery life.

4. Turn off notifications and background apps

Background apps can drain your phone’s battery. You must turn off notifications of apps like Facebook and other social networking apps that continuously run in the background of your phone. These apps continually update you using notifications and drain your battery.

5. Turn off Gps and navigation(also locations)

Gps and navigation just like background running apps drain your battery. In most phones, you can disable them from the quick menu. This will help you save battery a lot of battery.

Thanks for reading our blog. If you have any queries about how you can save battery, then please comment down below. We will be grateful to help and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for latest updates.


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