Quick Data Saving Tips for Android Users


Everything is moving up, but the only thing that is not moving up is our data limits. We are all annoyed with the high prices of our Internet provider and the bill that we get at the end of the month. High prices take a dig in our pockets. So in this blog, I will tell you some quick data saving tips that can save your pockets. So let’s get started with the list.

Here are some Quick data saving tips.

1. Optimize WiFi settings

Our Android device is a multitasking beast. This beast can eat up a lot of data while it’s on sleep. You can automatically turn off your WiFi every time your device goes to sleep. You can do this by going into your settings>wifi and then click on Advanced settings from the top right corner. In advanced settings click on Keep WiFi on during sleep and select never. This will not only save your data, but it will also save some of your battery.

2. Kill all data eating apps.

Find all the apps that run in the background and slowly eat up your data. 90% of such apps are social media apps. These apps include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. These apps run in the background and send you notifications and updates. In doing so, they eat up a lot of data. Stop these apps from running in the background. You can also download lite versions of these apps that only consume half the data. In your settings, you can go to Data Usage and check the data usage of your apps. If you find any app that you don’t use much, but it still consumes a lot of data. You should delete such apps right away.

3. YouTube videos

You go on YouTube, and you open a video. You set the resolution to 1080p and more, and that is where the problem starts. YouTube videos make up a significant portion of your data consumption. If you can compromise on video quality, then I suggest that you should change the resolution of YouTube videos to 360p or 480p. This can reduce your data consumption by up to 60% and more.

4. Turn Off auto update

We have hundreds and thousands of apps on our phones. Half of these apps get updated every single month. Android re-downloads an app, every time it has updated one. This means that your Android device downloads the newer version of an app, instead of updating the old one. This can eat up a lot of your cellular data. To save your data, you must turn off auto update. I recommend updating apps manually. Only update those apps that you use frequently. This will save a lot of your data and money.

5. Get Opera Max

Get Opera max. This app will help you save a couple of gigabits of data every week. This app reduces the data usage of most of the apps present in your phone. It is a very light app. It will not affect your user experience, and your phone will run smoothly.

Additional tips:

  • Enable data compression in chrome.
  • Turn off notifications.
  • Set a data limit. That will stop you from using more data. Control yourself 🙂

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