Here’s the Reason Why You Shouldn’t Type “Amen” on a Facebook Posts


We all have come across those Publications on Facebook that say things like “I know you won’t ’Like’ this photo because I’m sick“ or Type ’ Amen ’ or 1 like=one prayer. These Facebook posts often contain a photo of a needy.  See writing amen on a post will not help anyone even if your intentions are right. You cannot save a life or help a needy by just commenting amen on Facebook posts.  By commenting, you are just giving rise to spammers that want to make easy money out of someone else pain.  Such posts only give rise to spam.

The photo of the needy is all fake.  Most of the people don’t even know that their picture is being used.  99.9% of these facebook posts are false, and their only aim is grabbing likes and shares.

These accounts gain followers, and then they spread inappropriate content,  malicious publicity,  scams, and viruses. These accounts also have your account details which they can use to track you and then they can possibly hack your account.

amen on Facebook post

You are doing great harm to the society by sharing such post. These posts only allow  Heartless people to earn money by using a photo of a poor man who has cancer or a dying dog.

So next time you see such posts, and you feel bad yourself for not liking or sharing the post on your wall, remember this will only do great harm to the society and nothing else.

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Note: This blog was inspired by one the blogs written by Bright Side.  A link to their blog is given in the end. Check out their blog.


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