6 Things that you should never do on your Android Phone!!


There are certain things that you should never do on your Android phone. The things that I am going to tell you may prove harmful to your Android phone. You may or may not know these things, but these things must be kept in mind as we usually ignore them. Not doing these things can keep your android phone in great shape. Let’s get started with these…

1. Installing apps and media from unknown sources

Let’s admit it most of us install apps and a variety of media from different unknown and unpopular sources that may contain malicious threats that can take a dig on your phone. Without realizing we expose ourselves to viruses. I strongly recommend that you should on the download apps and media from Google Play store. You can find a large variety of apps that are virus free and safe to download.

Android phone and apps

2. Clearing recent apps

This is the most common thing that we do on our smartphones.  Almost every Android user does this. We click on the recent button on a Smartphone and clear up all the apps in the memory (RAM). However, what we are doing is making our phones slower. Every time we clear up apps from our phone’s memory, our android device has to open the app back again from the starting. This drains a lot of battery and power.

3. Installing antivirus on your phone

Most of us have an antivirus on our phones that are mostly useless. You do not need an anti-virus as long as you are downloading apps and media from trusted sources. Antivirus software only bloats up your memory and eat up your Ram and battery. They do not help you much. There may be some antivirus software that may provide you with some unique features but if that is not the case then don’t install an antivirus.

4. Installing battery savers

Just like antiviruses battery savers are too useless. Battery savers are hardly beneficial. Battery savers run in the background of your phone and every time you open an app and close it battery savers instantly kill the app from running in the background. This can prove harmful to your battery and can reduce its life. These apps also tend to slow down your phone.

5. Avoid downloading fake apps

Some apps or software guarantee you to provide you with features based on hardware. However, these features cannot be given as they are based on hardware and not on software.

These apps may not be harmful, but they target you with annoying ads and are of no use. I recommend you to stay away from such fake apps.

6. Not restarting your Android phone

Every once in a while you should restart your phone. Restarting a phone gives it a new fresh start. You should restart your phone in every 5 to 8 days.  Restarting will not only make your phone a little fast, but it also keeps it healthy. It helps in clearing up of the cache of your phone.

So these were the six things that you should do on your Android device. Thanks for reading our blog. If you have any queries, please comment down below. We will be grateful to help and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for latest updates.


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