What is a Microchip and its Different Uses?


It is used by the simplest of machines nowadays, and even our phones run on it. Yes, you heard it right, almost every device makes the use of one single universal component.  All electronics are based on the working of microchips. So in this blog, We will tell you about ‘What is a Microchip’ and also the uses of the microchips. So let’s get started!

 What is a Microchip?

A Microchip can be defined as a small piece of circuit board made up of semiconducting material which is used to make an integrated circuit. A semiconductor is a substance which is a good conductor of electricity. Many of you folks reading this blog would be wondering that what is an integrated circuit? It is a small electronic circuit which performs the same functions as a big electric circuit. There is a difference between the size but not in the functions. Don’t go on the size of these small packaged beasts as they are in every gadget we use today. They are usually manufactured out of silicon (as it’s a good conductor of electricity).
Now that we know what Microchips are, we have the next question arise ‘What are its uses??’

Uses of Microchip:

  • Nanotechnology- As in the 90’s, it was a challenging job to find the type of disease that has affected a person. But to say no more now instead of doctors using computers to detect cancer, microchips are being used to detect cancer at a faster speed in patients. Scientists at the University of Toronto have used a microchip to identify the type of cancer and the progression of cancer. Patients no longer have to wait in long ques and can get diagnosed more quickly.
  • Advancement in microchips- At first, these chips were only used by the American Airforce. But their capabilities couldn’t be hidden for so much longer. Afterwards, federal government agencies started using these chips in 1960’s. Then NASA purchased microchips for Apollo. Nowadays, it is one of the most advanced things in human hands. We are using these chips in every electronic gadget or machine. Even our small iPods are all based on these chips and from the pre-developing smartphones to our newest flagship beasts, we use these chips everywhere.
  • As Rams- In laptops and phones, the Rams are all made up of these integrated circuits. The more transistors there will be, the faster they will perform. They are so small in mobiles that they are of a size of a little iPod! Isn’t it amazing!

    Green Chip-

    In July 2006, Intel developed the microchip named Intel Core 2 Duo that runs on less energy, has longer battery life and better performance. In February 2009, a scientist at Rice University developed a microchip to save energy. So instead of charging your cell phone within 5 to 7 days, you can charge your phone within hours.

    • The integrated circuit could be used in traffic lights, radios or meters to turn the device on or off. The parts of an integrated circuit are the transistor that acts as an on and off switch, the resistor which controls the electric currents that move back and forth between the transistors, the capacitor which collects and releases electricity, and the diode which stops the flow of power.

We are on our way to developing these with our brilliant minds. As said by the founder of Intel, that if we double the rate of transistors in a microchip every 18 to 24 months, the future will no longer lie in tomorrow!
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