5 Tricks to make your Android Phone Faster!!


No Smartphone today can guarantee you lag-free performance after few years of purchase except a few high-end Smartphones for which you have to shell out a couple of hundred dollars that pinches the pocket. Mid-ranged phones become laggy after a couple of years. So if your phone is slow, then you are at the right place to make your Android phone faster.

5 Tricks to make your Android Phone Faster

1.Uninstall all Useless Apps

When your storage is full or near full, your device will automatically slow down due to insufficient storage to operate basic functions. To do this go to settings>apps and then swipe over to All tab. Now scroll down and take a look at the apps that you need. If you see any app that you don’t need or you haven’t used it for a long time, then it’s the time to delete it. To delete an app click on it and click on the uninstall app.

2.Move Big Files and Apps to the Micro SD card

Tricks to make android phone faster

Another solution is having free memory in your internal storage is moving big files and apps to your sd card. Moving apps can help you a lot, and you can move all your photos to your sd card. Avoid keeping videos in your internal storage. If you want your Android phone faster than before, then I recommend doing this.

3.Factory Reset

This can be a massive step as this will wipe out all the data on your phone, but it will improve the speed of your Android phone, and it will make it a little faster. Before doing this backup your data and then do it. To do this go to Setting>Backup & reset>Factory data reset.

4.Turn your Animation off or reduce them

Whenever you open an app, you see some animations during its opening. What you can do is turn off those animations, and your phone will immediately feel a little faster. To do this go to Settings > About phone and scroll down to the System section to look for Build number and thenTap on it seven times and a message will appear saying that you have become a developer. Now go back to the previous menu, and you should see Developer option listed under System. Click on it and scroll down to find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Click on each of them turn by turn and set them to .5x or off. Pick an option and find out what suits you the best and if you want you can change the values again.

5.Clear Cache

Cached data helps the app to load faster but over a period it fills up your storage, and it starts to make your phone slow. You can clear up cache by various ways such as is going to the settings>Storage and then tap on Cached data and then tap OK. This will clear all of your cached data.

These tips and tricks will make your Android phone faster.

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